The Company and Its People

SAMPAGUITA by MYFILIPINOHAIR is one of the pioneers that manufactures and exports hair extensions, wigs, and hair accessories that are made of 100% virgin Filipino human hair. Our goal is to be in the top-tier of the market in Asia. Currently we are regarded as the first choice company for high quality virgin hair extensions. Filipino hair has been a trend in hair industry, particularly in Nigeria, UK, and North America. Sampaguita has grown over the past years into a strong and thriving organization giving more job opportunities to our people.

Since other countries colonized the Philippines for centuries, it became a good source of hair with different textures such as fine, silky hair, medium coarse and coarse hair, hair that matches Europeans, Americans and Africans. Unlike hair acquired by donations, Our Company’s hairs are meticulously sourced from people and because of this, MyFilipinohair is in its position to buy only hairs of good quality..







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